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View of Hawksbill Mountain at sunset, from Crescent Rock, in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia


Here at CrossPoint Wealth Partners, we specialize in not just getting you to retirement, but also through it.  Many advisors focus just on accumulation strategies and simple rules of thumb about how much money you can safely spend. These theories are often flawed and lack the rigor of a customized financial plan. A customized plan and second opinion can change and significantly impact your standard of living and peace of mind.

Hiker on the summit of Ben A'an, Scottish Highlands at sunset

The “CrossPoint” between accumulation and distribution is much like climbing a mountain – reaching the top is an achievement. The experienced climber knows that getting back down is the tiresome and treacherous part. We know what it’s like to transition from working to creating a retirement paycheck. Whether you’re a few years from retiring or you’re ready to “flip the retirement switch,” we’re here to help you put your retirement income plan together. We’ll review all your assets, income streams, and Social Security options to help build an efficient retirement income plan.


We start by helping you to identify a “pre” and “post” retirement budget, uncovering what you know and what you don’t know about how your spending needs will change throughout retirement. Use this worksheet to create a monthly budget: Click Here.

We can assist you while you are determining the best Social Security filing strategy for your personal situation. Maximizing social security is not just about running a break-even analysis. There are also spousal claiming strategies whether you are married, divorced, or widowed that we will evaluate based on the unique make-up of your assets. Download our free Social Security simplified whitepaper: Click Here

We use a comprehensive tax model in our plans, and we are happy to work with your tax advisors as you take taxation into account with your specific situation.

We’ll plan for sequence of return risk which may mitigate negative market returns the few years leading into and in retirement that can impact your retirement plan.

We often tell clients that if you can tell us your exact date of death, we can create the perfect financial plan. Without that information, we must rely on actuarial science to help reduce longevity risk, legacy risk, and long-term care risk.