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"I have had an outstanding experience working with Jarrod Markley for my financial needs. He has provided innovative suggestions to maximize my wealth acquisition and reduce taxable income. He is very knowledgeable about the retirement plan, pension plan and benefits program offered by my employer. His suggestions have been individualized to my needs and I have always felt that he has my best interests in mind. He is accessible and accommodating and I feel that he would be an outstanding resource for any busy physician."

Dr. Bruce Clemons, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine
Charlottesville, Virginia

“We have worked with different advisors and done thorough research. Jarrod Markley's team has MORE than reassured me that your planning tools, teamwork, organization, use of technology, communication skills, people skills, etc… are outstanding in every way. My wife, Jenny, and I feel confident entrusting them with our planning and inheritance.”

Dr. Stephen Turner, MD
Internal Medicine Specialist, Augusta Medical
Fishersville, Virginia

“Jarrod and his team have been fantastic to work with and have helped us develop a complete plan for our future financial goals. My husband and I were a little concerned, going in, working with someone out of state who we would not be meeting with in person on a regular basis but we were surprised how easy it was to communicate with Jarrod anytime we needed and the flexibility of the online meetings has been a big help, given our hectic schedules. Jarrod took the time to listen to our goals and concerns about our future and tailored a financial strategy that helps ease our worries about retirement and our kids’ education. Jarrod and his team are an invaluable resource to any physician wanting to plan for their financial future.

Dr. Vita Saranga-Perry, MD
Tampa, Florida

"When our physician son suggested we contact Jarrod to also be our financial planner we were skeptical. After all we live in Alaska, how could someone that lived in Charlottesville help us? Just to humor our son we agreed to meet Jarrod during a trip to Charlottesville. What we discovered was an astute financial planner and cross platform communicator. Jarrod uses virtual meetings over the internet to meet with us and review our financial situation and goals. He responds quickly to calls and e-mails and provides detailed information by the US postal system. Both my wife and I are grateful our son introduced us to Jarrod."

Dr. Brian Trimble, MD
Anchorage, Alaska

"Jarrod Markley always delivers. Whether providing sage financial guidance or insurance coverage, Jarrod and his team have proved to be extraordinary. On multiple occasions Jarrod has demonstrated his commitment to meet impossible deadlines, provide exceptional service, and make miracles happen. God forbid something should happen to me, I know Jarrod will be there to deliver for my family and business partners."

Dr. Michael Verber
CEO, Verber Dental Group
Mechanicsburg, PA

"Jarrod C. Markley hasn't just been a wealth management advisor, he's been a friend. He's heard it all—everything from the details of our financial situation to our neurotic anxieties about money, per se—and he's been there to offer sound advice and a soothing perspective every step of the way. We couldn't be happier with his help."

Dr. James Coan, PhD
Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia

"For someone such as myself, with very little financial background, it has been a real pleasure working with Jarrod Markley and his wonderful team. He is extremely personable and I was amazed at how quickly he and I were able to establish trust. We were quickly able to build upon our working relationship despite our interactions and planning sessions being 100% over the phone through webinar format. Jarrod is tremendously knowledgeable and organized, he has provided my wife and I with several solutions to maximize our savings and secure our financial future. I have already recommended him and his team to several of my colleagues; they too have remote relationships and have had the same experience."

Shane Bartholomew
Director of Sales, Cintas Corporation
Orlando, Florida

"I can say without a doubt Jarrod Markley is a tireless advocate for his clients and is at the forefront of technology and wealth management. Jarrod has an unwavering dedication to his profession, clients, and community. He is thorough in reviewing all aspects of his clients’ financial future, and suggesting the most suitable options, depending on their personal and professional goals. I confidently suggest him as a source of financial guidance to my clients and other colleagues."

Jessica A. Tiller, Attorney
Estate Planning of Charlottesville
Charlottesville, Virginia

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